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Note: The one week free trial is limited to 2 autohost games + one !pub/!priv game. You can upgrade your subscription anytime you want.

Each bot includes two autohosted games and one additional !pub / !priv game by default. Do you need more autohosted games? Use the slider to purchase additional autohosted games.
Software GHost++ (
GHost Custom Build
GHost++ and the different versions are abandoned projects and not maintained anymore, therefore it's not possible to choose GHost CB and GHostOne anymore. wil keep maintaining there own version of GHost.
Keys Provide a keyset with my bot (+ €2,00/month)
Trial Yes, I want a one week free trial without any further obligation.

Price Bot including 2 autohost games + 1 !priv/!pub game € 2,99
Additional games:
Keyset RoC and TFT: No 0,00
Monthly total (regular price):
One week free trial: € 0,00

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